Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where Can I Get Free Amazon Gift Certificates Online -

Top 3 Ways to Shop Websites for Free Reward Vouchers

Obviously I'll mentioned taking surveys online first because its my favorite way to get free amazon gift certificates, you however may be more interested in receiving gift cards via these online websites below.

  • Do Surveys for Gift Cards
    Valuedopinions, Mysurvey, Toluna Panel and several other online survey sites. Here at these survey sites, you can participate in surveys and polls and they are all free to join. I've personally made severally hundred dollars in gift cards from doing surveys.

  • Swagbucks
    The premiere in search that pays you. Swagbucks is one of the original get paid to search sites, in which you get paid to search. The way Swagbucks works is you search for stuff via their website and earn "Swagbucks" for searching. I've earned 75-100 dollars from searches I used with Swagbucks. They pay gift certificates. I've used them and if you wanna earn some gift cards you should visit

  • Get paid to do offers
    Rewards:$300 (600 points) - $400 (800 points) and finally $450 (1000 points). Online sites like Trainn receive incentives whenever you complete an offer and in return you earn points to buy Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, or Apple gift cards - Visit Trainn. Alternatively, Trainn offers gift certificates when you refer 6 people to the site, who each do an offer. They have a ton of offers to choose from like the Netflix movies or Gamefly game rentals. Each offer you complete earns points and once you've reached 650 points you can request to be paid. We highly recommend Trainn as we've used them in the past to get free gift certificates.

Web Sites which Don't pay any Gift Cards

enter to win 1000 sweepstakes scam
These website scams have been on the Internet since day one and you should ultimately stay clear of them at all costs. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and these scam sites you should avoid like the plague.
  • Win $500-$1000 gift card offers to spend on shopping at Note: this offer has no affiliation with Don't fall for this scam. If you receive a email saying you won 500 dollar gift card it's from scammers attempting to commit identity theft.

  • Buy Stolen Gift cards - You are committing fraud and may be sued in small claims court, however they are often cheaper than retail cards and have been stolen.

  • Amazon virtual gift cards - eBay strictly prohibits the buying and selling of virtual gift cards on eBay. However if you want to sell your virtually gift cards on eBay than beware that scammers often create new eBay accounts and use hacked PayPal accounts to buy virtually gift cards on eBay. You can be charged back by PayPal because you didn't provide proof of shipping of virtually deliverable goods.


The sites I've mentioned to get gift cards are all sites that I recommend you to join! I've given you the list of top sites where you can find free award vouchers. Enjoy spending and buying merchandise and cool prizes with your earnings from your gift certificates!