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Reviews of Top 10 Paid Survey Sites -

Paid survey sites are a innovative means to give your opinion, earn cool prizes and help make better the products and service you own. Legitimate paid surveys are for men, women and teens of all countries.
You can unite with a number of individuals from all over the world that participate in market research. They have one intention to gather user data for big business and corporations fast and effortlessly.

Working with only your favorite internet browser, complete surveys from online companies.

Once you join and emerge as a survey panelist, you'll be by chance chosen to take part in online questionares. Most are emailed to you or available by logging into to the survey site.

Searching for a top 10 list. View below and go through my list of paid surveys. Read more to find out what all the fuss is concerning to.

List of Top 10 Paid Survey Sites

1. Opinion Outpost Review

opinion outpost logo
Opinion Outpost
By connecting with Opinion Outpost you'll stand in a spot to give to the opinion producing system, additionally you'll rake in money for your logic and wisdom with awards and prizes.

Opinion Outpost is an survey panel directed by Western Wats. Western Watts is a leading internet company bringing a few of the abundant acclaimed American survey sites into a distinct world wide businesses.

2. Globaltestmarket Review

globaltestmarket logo
In acknowledge Globaltestmarket pays cash to demonstrate how greatly they price its members input. Enrollment is accessible to American and Global panelist. I've personally never won the drawing from them, but I've been paid $200. All cash prizes are issued by check.

As a Globaltestmarket representative you'll provide to the development regarding advanced services and you'll be able to help affect in what manner corporations really carry out matters.

Each Globaltestmarket survey is usually 35-40 points or $1.75-$2.00 (an equivalent of 35 points = $1.75 or 40 points = $2.00). Once you reach $50 or 1,000 points you may cash out. Other surveys you are qualified for a drawing of $500.
If Globaltestmarket seems like your cup of tea, plus your lifespan is 18 or more, join Globaltestmarket group.

3. SurveySpot Review

SurveySpot is controlled by Survey Sampling Global. Survey Sampling is a whole business merchandise analysis company partnership which has been supplying crucial wisdom and management to a few of the biggest admired companies in North America. After 1976, Survey Sampling have been supplying people with the power to express there viewpoints by taking surveys and product testing.
As soon as you're a panelist of SurveySpot you'll get full passage to surveys and you'll get a shot to make money and score cool rewards. Joining is simple and is quicker than most other survey panels.
Every occasion you complete an survey you'll get a shot to win $25,000 and up to $250 in prizes in the quick success game. Surveys pay points that can be exchanged towards PayPal awards.
Surveyspot for case and point pays PayPal and other survey sites like Opinion Outpost and Globaltestmarket and Socratic Forum pay by check.

4. Valued Opinion Review

Valued Opinion
Surveys are easy and they also stand as a simple way to earn gift cards. With charges for everything going up in the world Valued Opinions is a good useful daily survey panel. There rewards are much more than Globaltestmarket in helping to increase profits during the economic recession. Valued Opinions paid me $40 last year that includes focus groups and surveys completed, a little more from previous years. Typically pay $3 per survey and take short time to complete. Valued Opinion has been a good survey panel that pays gift cards. They have been for a while contribution fast pay, good customer service and average minimum payout's.

5. Lightspeed Review

lightspeed panel
LightSpeed Panel
Regardless of the paid survey sites accessible, near the limit of ranking is Lightspeed.

Lightspeed is a accepted paying site. Lightspeed is retained by WPP, a unique global popular advice aid organization.

Lightspeed is looking for members for products tests, surveys and focus groups. By enlisting, Lightspeed will deliver you a email attracting you to take part in Lightspeed surveys.

These are a few of the survey sites that I've had success with. Lightspeed panel pays in amazon gift card, PayPal, cash and is free to join.
Rewards will differ starting with $0.75-$1.50 calculated on the survey length. I have earned 2,000 points for PayPal awards equal to about $20.

6. Mysurvey Review

Mysurvey is a elite collection of productive users. With help of Mysurvey you'll be in possession of a stage to share your opinions about merchandise and goods.
Panelist arrive at Mysurvey to complete survey and earn points for prizes. Every time you participate in a survey, you will get a submission towards the study bounty lottery.

7. Mindfield Online Review

Mindfield Online
Mindfield Online consistently has current paid surveys and product tests. Mindfield panelist get the exclusive possibility to suggest your viewpoint on a array of relevant problems and in consideration earn money for your ideas.

8. SurveySavvy Review

Join SurveySavvy
Survey Savvy has administered a lot of $2-$4 paid surveys, $20 representative focus groups with users.

SurveySavvy website has expanded to consist of shoppers and specialist companies in more than 195 nations globally which experienced and studied that it pays to give your opinion.

9. Toluna aka Your2Cents Review

Take surveys, test out new products, and earn money. Toluna board is possessed by Toluna committee, an advertiser study organization. Every survey you participate in registers you into a lotto chance for $5,000. Join free of charge.
As a member of Toluna you make money for each survey you qualify for and complete. Toluna requires you to reach $15 or 45,000 points to redeem a VIPGift and $20 or 60,000 points to get a check.
It takes about 10-15 minutes to finish a Toluna survey.

10. American Consumer Opinion Panel Review

ACOP is a general organization of human beings which assist in forming the forthcoming via partaking in focus groups and testing out products.
For each survey you are asked to complete, and you take you'll make money that may be reclaimed by check.
Surveys usually take about 15 minutes to finish and the topics are commonly straightforward to reply.
Survey money normally vary in profit from $1-$10 a survey and $25 for online focus groups surveys.

Pinecone Research
The amount of rewards, cash or lotto drawings attainable will be pointed out for every Pinecone Research  survey.
Pinecone Research permits you to try out new products, participate in focus groups and earn rewards from sweepstakes.

I've ranked the top 10 survey sites of 2009, based on rewards I've received, length, payment type and customer support. Joining is free.

In consideration you will receive points, cash or sweepstakes entries depending. Choose amongst severally different survey site payment methods PayPal, by check, gift card and prize.

Paid Survey Scams

You can find the list of legit paid survey sites all over the web and in forums. Register with every one and create a email address to use for surveys. They will never send you any spam, so the surveys will consistently be easy to find and complete.Taking surveys is easy as checking your email.

Survey Ticker Scam?

This section lists info about how to figure out if a Survey Ticker is scam.
If the survey site appears to good to be true, thus it probably is. These survey site scams have been making the same get rich quick claims since the beginning of the internet by the way any good deals on the internet don't last for years long.
Not under any condition should you give money for paid survey material. If a company ask you for a sign up fee don't pay it. They are charging you with info you can get for free on the Internet.
Read the privacy policy on the survey panel, if it looks legit than then they likely are. On the other hand if they can't supply you with a privacy credentials then they are likely some sort of scam survey site.


The extent of free paid survey sites at hand is 200-300. Even I have problem observing record of the total number. There are a large number to join and participate in like Opinion Outpost, Surveyspot and Globaltestmarket. Picking the proper one for yourself is critical and a few of the links I've mentioned should help assist you in forming a verdict. Most offer phone numbers to customer support and I'd suggest contacting them  before forming a opinion of them.

There are many more survey site I left out that should be in this review, but there's plenty of survey panels available here. As always read reviews to help you decide if its worth your time. I've mentioned a site below to help you further.

Survey Site Reviews
A unbiased review of many survey sites for teens and adults that pay, cash, PayPal and amazon gift card. Read about websites you need to join and sites you need to turn away from. An analysis of many of the distinct panels  and the top 10. Sites like Globaltestmarket may have begun as the best, but there are more out there and generally payout better.


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