Thursday, February 5, 2009

Surveys That Pay Via Amazon Gift Card

Lets start with why am I posting these paid survey list sites when you can easily pay $ to get the list of them well, if you haven't figured out that the less you spend the more
you save than well, I can help you with that too I suppose. Anyways, These paid survey sites pay gift cards.

The list of FREE paid survey sites that pay certificates.

  1. MySurvey - They offer Amazon gift cards as well as several other payment options. I always use PayPal as a option now you on the other hand might want gift card payments which is alright with me. Don't pass up on Mysurvey panel either.

  2. Valued Opinion - Minimum to cash out is $20 amazon certificate, very easy to cash out. I highly recommend Valued Opinion. #3 on the list is Valued Opinion.

  3. Opinion Outpost - Easy $5 minimum cash out making this one the easiest to cash out sites. I have earned over $370 in rewards and am about to get paid again... I highly recommend them if you are into doing surveys. Opinion Outpost is the best on the list. I think you should join Opinion Outpost.

  4. Toluna Panel
    I've been paid $120 total from Toluna and I received $1…$25 (3000…75000 points) per survey. Note: $1 = 3000 pts. Earn pts which maybe redeemed for gift card to My Choice Works or via check. It takes 1…4 weeks before you get paid amazon gift cards.

  5. - The Grad School of Business has reached its total capacity of new recruits and isn't open presently. Alas new recruitment will open again in Feb. I have earned over $60 in amazon certificates from this paid site. Most surveys range from 5-15 minutes. This site is sponsored by the School of Stanford and pays about $5-9 bucks in amazon per survey. Only sign up if you are interested in helping research science.

  6. Keynote Research Panel - This is more of a panel. They email you when there is a new paying survey and most surveys that they have sent me have been for $10 amazon gift card which arrive 7 days shortly after you complete survey. I highly recommend Keynote Research Panel.

  7. Opinion Place - Easy to complete paid survey site which pays out in a lot of merchandise such as Amazon gift certificates, PayPal. Minimum cash out for Amazon gift certificates is $1. Another site that should not go overlooked is Opinion Place.

  8. Take online surveys and earn cash and music downloads. Sign up today and be entered into a $1,000 Sweepstakes. E-Poll offers a easy to complete minimum $5 dollar cash out. I have used this site in the past and once I reached payment, I receive my Amazon gift card in under 72 hours your mileage may vary, but I do recommend E-Poll surveys to anyone interested in it.
That's about all the survey I sites I can recommend for now. Expect updates as I will find surveys that pay. Until then, go over this paid survey site list.


J said...

Thank you, this is a great list, I will check out a few of these.

Kandice Newman said...

Opinion outpost is my favorite! It's a fast way to earn points! I use it the most, next to Swagbucks!